Guantanamo Baywatch

// Seattle, WA

I go to Seattle for 10 days and get invited to two weddings.

It was odd to see doors to flats at street level in a downtown area.

Cell on a school.

Has anyone ever staged a rooftop wrestling event?

I was surprised at how many restaurants in Seattle are rated "good." Essential restaurants, hot restaurants, the breakfast buffet in my hotel: just "good." Seattle/King County's health inspectors think they're me.

You don't see as many "B" ratings in Los Angeles.

The Tummy Temple is the largest provider of colon hydrotherapy in the United States, with two dedicated colonic rooms open seven days a week. [source]

Pedestrian crossings in Seattle are wonky.

According to someone (I don't remember), a "cross" signal doesn't appear unless you pushed a call button, so if you didn't push a call button and don't pay attention to traffic lights, you can miss your turn to cross.

One day, I just missed a "cross" signal, but traffic lights in the same direction didn't turn red, so I crossed (and could cross) for minutes after "cross" became "don't cross."

One night, a "cross" signal didn't appear when it should have, and in the middle of crossing on a "don't cross," traffic lights perpendicular to me turned green.

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