Ixnay on the Hombre

W. Kamau Bell's upcoming CNN series United Shades of America looks interesting.

In [the] series premiere, he uses humor to challenge Klansmen looking to rebrand their message. [source]

Shades of TV Nation.

Bill Burr on WTF with Marc Maron:

You never throw anything out. Everything you've ever owned exists someplace on this planet, unless it was biodegradable. It's out there – your rollerblades, everything that you stopped using.

You know how at the end of Big Fish, all of the characters in Edward's stories show up at his funeral?

Idea: A variation on Big Fish in which the estranged son ends up in the Great Pacific garbage patch at the end and sees stuff from all of his father's fanciful stories floating in the water.

His father lives in Hawaii, is dying, and wants to go on one last boat trip. He reluctantly accompanies his father on the boat trip. They get lost at sea. His father dies. The boat drifts into the Great Pacific garbage patch.

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