Finish Your Breakfast

Time is a flat circle.

I see that Our Lady Peace is still closing shows with (yecch!) "Starseed." Such a shit chaser to "4am."

How about closing with "Middle of Yesterday" or "Innocent," Raine?

I just remembered my music video idea for "Innocent": HBO's Oz, if the prison was populated only with toddlers and octogenarians. It ends with a toddler being fried in an electric chair.

Jon's Our Lady Peace phase #ScaryStoriesIn5Words

2 thoughts on "Finish Your Breakfast"

  1. Vividly remember a "The Night 89X Stole Christmas" from my past that featured BUSH, OASIS, and BLINK-182 on the same lineup. No memory whatsoever of the date, but the fact that Bush is still the headliner is kinda funny.

    Also funny: The opener that night was Ben Harper. I recall all the Blink-182 fans loudly booing him for performing the whole show while seated. Most of them left before Bush and Oasis took the stage…

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