Rocks and Vandals


I saw this at Whole Paycheck:

"School Safe" vanilla cupcakes – dairy-free, nut-free, and chocolate-free, but curiously not gluten-free.

I wonder how the rise of peanut allergies – B's children are both allergic – has affected sales of Snickers and Reese's.

Faking a peanut allergy is a shrewd move to avoid receiving Mr. Goodbars on Halloween.

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack
I don't care if I have an attack

What do children in Thailand who are allergic to peanuts eat?

Rory: Axe Yeeves.

Evidently, For Dummies is still a thing.

As is

[dials 1-800-MUSICNOW]

Idea: WikiLiqs. Wiski. Wodka. Wikuila.

It annoys me mightily when judges on television cooking competitions describe meat as "perfectly cooked."

How do you know that's it's perfectly cooked? What is perfect? And how do you measure it? Perfect is an absolute quality, and cooking is conditional.

Superbly cooked? Sure. Perfectly cooked? Ehh… It's like saying God doesn't exist. HOW DO YOU KNOW?


  1. Drew 06 Jul 13 at 16:08

    Is that a PA state store?

    1. Jon 06 Jul 13 at 17:00

      Not sure. Not my photo.


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