She lost a womb but gained a penis

CBS will dip into the Dead Whitney Houston ratings pool one more time, for this year's Grammy Awards broadcast, airing a special on "what happened this year" music-wise. And, of course, the biggest thing to happen "this year" was Houston. [source]

So that's a whole year of the Grammys capitalizing on Whitney Houston's death, from Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney Houston at last February's Grammy Awards, to the special "We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston" last November, to Whitney Houston's story for this February's Grammy Awards.

You'd think she was Rosa Parks or something, and not, you know, a crackhead with pipes.

By my count, that's seven times (at least) that CBS/Viacom will have dipped into the Dead Whitney Houston ratings pool. Most recently, VH1's "Divas" special in December paid tribute to her dance hits, 10 months after she died.

Aside: Remember when the Video Music Awards paid tribute to Amy freakin' Winehouse? LULZ.

In other news, Smash Mouth wrote a cookbook:

SMH. They might as well be walking on the sun.

Ahh…1997. Year of the terrible second singles.

Smash Mouth – "Why Can't We Be Friends"
Third Eye Blind – "Graduate"
Marcy Playground – "St. Joe on the School Bus"
Sugar Ray – "RPM"

Name a more jarring follow-up than "RPM" to "Fly."

Rory: "The Reason" to "Out of Control" – Hoobastank?

The meme reaches its logical conclusion.

I wonder how many of the people perpetuating this "keep calm and carry on" nonsense would actually keep calm and carry on during a hostile invasion. Bet the same people like the idea of low-flow showerheads.

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