gook kid, bad p.S.A.t

Chris Rock:

I honestly believe you should have a mortgage to buy a gun. No one with a mortgage has ever gone on a killing spree. That's a serious thought! A mortgage is a real background check. They don't just give mortgages out, you know! If you go to jail for 30 years, you still have to pay your fucking mortgage. [source]

The problem isn't violence on TV. World was way more violent before television. Killing Indians? What show were they watching? [source]

Isn't correlating entertainment and real world violence a rejection of evolution – a rejection of humans being inherently savage creatures?

Awards shows should be themed like frat parties. Challenge stylists to devise outfits that fit a theme but still stand out.

NBC recycled its marketing for Awake for a similar programme in the same time slot.

BBC: How do we top Rob bloody Dyrdek?

Television Programme Idea: The Fresh Princess of West Philadelphia, starring Willow Smith – a reboot à la Girl Meets World. Will sends his daughter to live with his mom in west Philadelphia.

In west Los Angeles born and raised
On Rodeo where I spent most of my days

I got one DUI and my dad got scared
And said "You're moving in with my mom in Woodland Terr"

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  1. For a lot of people who think violent entertainment begets a violent society, rejecting evolution is rote. It's their "favorite old pair of Wranglers" of stances.

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