New York Is Finishing School For Cynics Like Us

Previously (2004) on Adam Riff™:

UCLA has a new logo.

Keith Bright Strategic Design created the new logo at a cost of $98,000.

"UCLA could have paid me $50 and I could have typed out 'UCLA' in Helvetica font, italicized it and it would've been a done deal. Here, I'll try it: UCLA."

Alas, UC diplomas will still feature the classic logo.

How much do you think USA Today paid for its logo to be re-designed into a large blue dot? More than anything, it looks like a waste of space on the front page.

Adam Robot: yes, modernizations are always shit, but you're seeing them after the fact
Adam Robot: it seems SO simple
Adam Robot: but there's a fuck ton of work that goes into that
Adam Robot: a hospital here paid like $150,000 for their update – and it's crap
Adam Robot: it's just how it goes
Jon: So it's like The Wire


  1. John 10 Dec 12 at 15:08

    1. Is the blue part supposed to be a U? I've seen this logo half a dozen times and it's just now striking me. 2. These are the wrong blue and yellow colors for the Cal logo. For better or worse, the college sports teams are a national face for the university, and their blue and yellow are the colors associated with the school.

    1. Jon 10 Dec 12 at 15:38

      1. The blue part is supposed to be a U, yes. 2. The logo is for the UC system, not Cal. Its colours are variable anyway, like with the Pac-12 logo.

      1. John 10 Dec 12 at 19:52

        A logo for the whole system? o.O


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