The redhead said you shred the cello

Tootsie Roll-flavoured beer at Cervecería de MateVeza in San Francisco

"I don't think I would have been able to get this CEO job if I hadn't shaved my head," says Adams. Adams has supplemented his makeover by trading in his button-down shirts for T-shirts, making sure he owns the latest gadgets, and getting an eyelid lift.

For her first interview at Facebook, Sally Sadosky headed to a boutique popular with women 20 years her junior for advice on "something to look hip" and "blend in." She ditched her tailored pants and blouses for a dress, tights, and biker boots. She then got second and third interviews and had to come up with more hipster outfits. "I was beginning to sweat," she recalls.

TLC Show Idea: Extreme Job Seekers.

Video Supercut Idea: References to The Wire on other television shows. I can think of at least 10. In the past 10 days alone: Fresh Meat and How I Met Your Mother.

Idea: A found audio podcast, like a found footage film, but a series of audio recordings.

Idea: Cable providers subsidize channel packages like smartphones. You can order the Viacom package (MTV, MTV2, BET, CMT, Comedy Central, Logo, Nickelodeon, Spike, TeenNick, VH1) for $10/month with a two year contract, or you can order Viacom channels à la carte for $3/month each.

Just want MTV and BET? $6/month, no early termination fee.


  1. Mike 29 Nov 12 at 10:01

    I saw a guest lecture this week by Carol Mechanic, former VP of Development at Showtime. She predicted a very similar market for cable coming to fruition.

  2. dedleg 03 Dec 12 at 00:05

    I sure hope that cable adopts some kind of model like that. I only find a select handful of channels worth ever watching, so the price of a cable subscription isn't worth it to me for but a few blissful Friday nights with the Iron Chefs.


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