I'm just too much a coward to admit when I'm in need

Looper became partly financed by the Chinese production company DMG and went through some major changes to please the new investors happy. The script was rewritten to take place in China instead of France 60 years into the future when China has become the largest superpower in the world and innovated time travel. Also Chinese actress Xu Qing was added to the cast as Willis' wife. [source]

Currently kowtowing to Chinese money: Iron Man 3.

A black remake of Steel Magnolias starring Queen Latifah premieres Sunday on Lifetime.

Among black remakes, it's less odd than black Last Holiday, which also stars Queen Latifah, and Chris Rock's black Death at a Funeral and black Love in the Afternoon (I Think I Love My Wife).

I Think I Love My Wife is capital ODD, a black remake of an Éric Rohmer film co-written by Louis C.K. and starring Stephen A. Smith and the creator of Glee.

I'd joke about the Chinese co-financing a black remake, but… Will Smith's black Karate Kid, in which karate was changed to kung fu.

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