She said she used to be the hottest girl in Ajax, but in Montreal she's only an eight-and-a-half

That's My Boy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
Magic Mike
The Watch
The Expendables 2

The number of major film releases this summer that are rated R seems inordinate.

And the one that should be rated R, the Total Recall remake, is PG-13.

Jay-Z is in charge of the music for and will contribute original songs to a new, modern version of the musical Annie written by Emma Thompson and starring Willow Smith.

From The Economist:

Divorce was banned [in Chile] until 2004, and gay sex decriminalised only in 1999.

What? How did the government monitor gay sex activity?

Hornblower: It was enforced by aircraft.

Chile is one of only four countries in South America where the age of consent is higher for gays than for heterosexuals.

"We don't think you're ready for his jelly."

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