Live Stream: The Hunger Games

Rob Huebel's Georgia Tech shirts hijack this trailer [for What to Expect When You're Expecting].

Wes Bentley, the cast of American Reunion – two thousand zero zero party over oops second chance…

Breakouts: 1999
Now that Wes Bentley's arresting gravitas has proven a magnet for the under-25 crowd, driving American Beauty's grosses to the $60 million range, he's experiencing intense newest-flavor courtship. Bentley's on the prowl for "serious stuff"—and that means "no action movies with too many special effects."

Heh. Literal flaming outfits to complement all the figurative ones.

For the sequel, Gary Ross might want to dial the handheld cinematography down from 'Paul Greengrass' to 'Peter Berg.'

The Games portion of this film would be more effective if the tribute characters were more developed. The Hunger Games should've been a television series, or an Avengers-esque culmination.

Idea: A fighting game featuring characters from District 12, District 9, and District 13Mortal Kombat 2099. Unlock characters from District 5.

"What time is it?"
"Middle afternoon."
"Why is it getting so dark?"
So the computer-generated hounds look less shitty.

I thought Peeta was gonna throw Cato off the Cornucopia – Chekhov's gun. Why emphasize that he's skilled at throwing heavy things then?

Oh. Steven Soderbergh was a second unit director.

For the sequel, Gary Ross might want to cede action scenes to Soderbergh.

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