I'll pull the devil down with me one way or another

// Adam Riff™ production meeting //

Jon: Mmm… I think it needs more butchers. It should be a field of at least 16.

Tryg: We have more butchers, but they're marginal ones – Cleon the Butcher King from A Song of Ice and Fire, Dick the Butcher from 2 Henry VI

Habib: We can include more nominal butchers… (e.g. Dexter, the "Bay Harbour Butcher") Eight butchers by trade on one side, eight butchers by name on the other.

Jon: What was the other bracket idea?

Rory: Fictional motivational speakers.

Tryg: Again, we can't assemble 16 without including marginal ones.

Jon: Matt Foley, Frank Mackey, Tappy Tibbons, Jim Cunningham, Kobe…

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