The Five Percent Nation of Milton Bradley

A man and a woman marry and produce identical twin sons. Said man and woman then divorce and re-marry each other's identical twin siblings, so that the identical twin sons' stepparents are identical twins of their parents. Surely this has happened once in history, no?

The identical twin sons then choose to live with different biological parents, forming two identical families.

"Is he multiplying binomials? He's six!"
"He doesn't know what he's doing…"

When we dine out together, B pacifies her son in peculiar ways.

"He can do sudoku?"
"It's kids' sudoku."
"That exists?"

Every time an online survey ($5 off at chain restaurants!) asks for my age range, I instinctively select "18 to 24," before slinking the dot down to "25 to 34." It's like I'm an animated GIF.

So what we go out
That's how it's supposed to be
Living young and wild and free

We are young
So let's set the world on fire
We can burn brighter than the sun

While still in my 20s, I can no longer groove to songs about youthful abandon without feeling like a cool dad.

This is my impression of all my Tumblr followers: "Odd Future, Taylor Gang, swag, weed, ball caps, sneakers."

Rory: What is Taylor Gang?
Jon: Heh. I asked myself that too. It's collectively Wiz Khalifa's record label, his crew, his fans, and a lifestyle.
Rory: A lifestyle?
Jon: Like Amish or straight edge – Taylor Gang.

it's being free, being yourself, and just having fun, enjoying life, getting high, getting drunk, and getting money

Rory: He branded that as a lifestyle?

You ever think about mussels, and what odd living organisms they are? Mussels and clams.

Imagine being reincarnated as a mussel. Imagine Bam Margera's soul trapped in the body of a mussel.

Webcomic Idea: Celebreincarnations.

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