The morrow is a bird

Dear media critics: Your favourite albums of the year are the Showtime comedies of music.

Rory: What?
Jon: I'm trying it out as an analogy.

Jon: Guh. Why doesn't the header appear in IE?
Jon: Internet Explorer is like a vegetarian guest at a dinner party.
Rory: It's the Showtime comedies of browsers?
Jon: No, it's Enlightened.

Rory: Why are you re-designing Adam Riff™ over the holidays?
Jon: Because I'm a div.
Jon: [sigh] Where's Eric Mika when you need him?
Rory: Probably snowboarding on cash.

Television Programme Idea: Frontier Critic.

Rory: Sounds like a Showtime comedy.


2 thoughts on "The morrow is a bird"

  1. Which picks in particular? Also, I'll never forget your grammy AOY nominees to movie income comparison. Brilliant.

    • Bon Iver, Destroyer, Fleet Foxes, Iceage, Real Estate, tUnE-yArDs, Washed Out, to name a few.

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