I'm a fully grown man with roommates

—UCLA drew top-ranked Middlebury at next week's Quidditch World Cup in New York City.
—Quidditch World Cup 5? Millennials… [shakes head]

—I mean, the brooms… Why not just play rugby or flag football?
—Live and let LARP.

NCAA Division I Men's Water Polo Rankings:

2. Southern Cal
3. California
4. Stanford
5. UC Santa Barbara
6. UC Irvine
7. Long Beach State
8. Pacific
9. Pepperdine
10. Loyola Marymount
11. UC San Diego
12. UC Davis
13. Concordia (Calif.)
14. Santa Clara
15. Princeton
16. Navy
17. Brown
18. California Baptist
19. Bucknell
20. St. Francis (N.Y.)

Since its inception in 1969, no school located outside of California has ever won the NCAA men's water polo championship. In fact, no school located outside of California has even reached the championship game. That's domination, Holmes.

Water polo at Princeton and Bucknell is exercise in futility.

Touring the Recreated 1969 Birthplace of the Internet at UCLA

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