Less Saving. More Doing.

Jon: Oooh! Thrice is playing in Los Angeles during my trip. Where is the Mayan?
Ogre: Downtown. Near Staples.
Jon: Oof. That's like four hours round-trip via public transportation. I've endured it before, though.

Jon: I haven't been back to Los Angeles since…2008? The Dark Knight's opening weekend. As such, I'm compiling a dining hit list.
B: Can I see?

B: "Chick-fil-A, Del Taco, Sonic…" [pause]
Jon: It's a work in progress.

Jon: Oh. Can I borrow Felix's Disneyland pass?
B: Sure. I'm not sure you'll be able to use it, though. His face is on the card, and you don't resemble him at all.

B: How are you gonna get to Disneyland without a car?
Jon: You'd be surprised at how many people I know in Los Angeles who like going to Disneyland.

Robot: Thrice is playing in Downtown Disney too. Two birds, one stone.
Jon: Alas, Disneyland and Thrice fandom are mutually exclusive among my mates. Maaaaaybe Warplayer.

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  1. War player 06 Nov 11 at 17:26

    Haha just saw this post. What's wrong with liking Thrice and Disneyland? ;)


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