Gimcrack and Bunkum


From the culinary imagineers behind setting sweet potatoes that look like charcoal on fire, and noodles made from chicken:

Chocolate, Pumpkin Pie

I'm tempted to fly to Chicago just to try it.


Poor Mark Romanek. He wants to be Stanley Kubrick, and Hollywood wants him to direct adaptations of Cinderella and a Dan Brown novel.

[at the sky] "I already followed up Never Let Me Go with a Kia ad in which hamsters and space marines dance to LMFAO!"


Another mark, now obscure, is the point d'ironie, sometimes known as a "snark." A back-to-front question mark, it was deployed by the 16th-century printer Henry Denham to signal rhetorical questions. More recently, the difficulty of detecting irony and sarcasm in electronic communication has prompted fresh calls for a revival of the point d'ironie.

The snark!

I think I'll begin using them. I'm sure Josh in Bloomington will dig it

Is This the Future of Punctuation!?


  1. Josh 24 Oct 11 at 07:13

    Was that aimed at me? Is this my 15 minutes?

    1. Jon 24 Oct 11 at 15:38

      Is this your 15 minutes

  2. Josh 24 Oct 11 at 21:18

    Nicely played.


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