Too old to bother, too young to care

The Trip producer Andrew Eaton says that they have been approached by American producers about doing a US version with US actors and says he is open to that. [source]

—It could be the third season of Louie. Louis and Pamela.
—Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert.
—Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall.

Dear cashiers and baggers: Do unto others' chips…

Would you pay for potato shards?

—How do I eat this candy apple without slicing it? It's hard on hard.
—Caramel apple. A candy apple is…
—Whatever. It's an apple covered in candy.

—The stuff covering the apple may outweigh the apple itself.

—If you're gonna cover a fruit in shit, the fruit should be softer, like a pear, or smaller, like a plum.

—If state fairs ever run out of stuff to deep fry… Idea: Caramel produce. Carrots dipped in caramel and rolled in crushed Butterfingers, Rocky Road caramel figs…

Yes, it's a horror film about Hitler transforming beautiful young Jewish women into bars of chocolate.

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