Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

40. Taste Test (Saturday Night Live, S37E02)

Honourable mention:
» McClennan-1 confesses to the Olivias the reason he chose his field of study (Fringe, S04E02)
» John Kricfalusi's couch gag (The Simpsons, S23E02)
» Chalky's little roll call (Boardwalk Empire, S02E02)
» The montage of the kids finding out who was cast in West Side Story (Glee, S03E03)
» Amber drives, embarrasses Drew (Parenthood, S03E04)
» Masturbating in the car (Workaholics, S02E03)
» Cam accidentally turns into Stanley Kowalski (Modern Family, S03E04)
» Dylan McDermott cries after masturbating (American Horror Story, S01E01)
» Pawnee public radio (Parks and Recreation, S04E03)
» Shiva Bowl Shuffle (The League, S03E01)


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