That is a good thong

50/50 opens with Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character running outdoors.

—Is that the seawall in Vancouver, British Columbia?
—Is this film set in Vancouver?
—Well, it's based on Seth Rogen's friendship with a mate who was diagnosed with cancer, and Rogen is from Vancouver.

—Oh. Space Needle. It's set in Seattle.
—I'm not sure that is an area of Seattle.
Seattle Times vending box.

—"Homer" street sign.
—Okay, set in Seattle, filmed in Vancouver.
—Space Needle was either computer-generated or captured in a pick-up shot.

It bugs me when I see a Los Angeles street sign in a film or television show that is not set in Los Angeles.

For example:

Admittedly, I am hypersensitive because I lived in Los Angeles.

Another sighting from last week, on ABC's Suburgatory:

a "New York state suburb"

I feel like visiting Los Angeles in November. I haven't been back in over three years.

Last NHL season, I rolled with the Vancouver Canucks. This NHL season, I'm keen on the Los Angeles Kings to win the Stanley Cup at 14/1 odds, but the Pittsburgh Penguins at 10/1 odds seems like a shrewder bet.


  1. Josh 04 Oct 11 at 08:42

    This British gimmick you have infuriates me. Mate, telly, keen, spelling shit with unnecessary u's…

    1. Jon 04 Oct 11 at 16:32

      U-S-A! U-S-A!

  2. Matt Adams 04 Oct 11 at 19:39

    Let's Go Pens!

  3. Adam 04 Oct 11 at 22:21

    Are the Pen's 10/1 with or without their savior Sidney Jesus Crosby? They'll be good this year, but not that good.


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