No rest for cross-tops in my mind

Today marks the 11th anniversary of Adam Riff™. I celebrate with mixed emotions.

My life has become a Crank film – if I don't update Adam Riff™ periodically, I will die. As I near age 30, however, I yearn to focus my energy on other pursuits.

I spent 12 hours yesterday creating a Cribsheet that few people will read. Would I have rather spent that time doing other stuff? Absolutely. But my sickness is dire, a stage IV cancer.

I will go down with this ship.

16 thoughts on "No rest for cross-tops in my mind"

  1. I think I must have caught your disease some years ago. Don't talk to any bloggers. Don't touch any bloggers. Blogging is a contagion and nobody should have to suffer from Nerd Flu.

    If it's any consolation, I always look forward to the crib sheet every Sunday.

  2. I'm glad I quit this shit 7 years ago. Keep it up though, otherwise I've got nothing worthwhile to read.

  3. AR has been a daily read ever since I found it five or six years ago. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. I love the cribsheet and every single post. I have friends who barely use computers who know about the cribsheet.

    I love this site, but I'm sure it's a huge time vacuum. My shitty site which produced 1/3 as much as this one took too much time for me, although for some crazy reason I'm thinking of starting up again.

  5. yah i check the cribsheet every sunday. this week esp. with drive and sunny coming back. some weeks, not as much.

  6. You're suffering from the blogger sickness of assuming no one reads your shit because there aren't insane amounts of comments or "likes" or whatever. I feel the same way constantly, but people say they read and like it all the time. I'm positive it's the same situation for you! Keep it up. Most comment sections are racist anyway.

  7. What is meaning, anyway?

    30 years from now, you'll be lauded as an artist devoted to his craft, with all of the discarded and repossessed CSS to show for it. People (likely the same who are commenting right now, only older and more successful) will discuss your early 21st century work and deem it good.

    Or they won't discuss you at all and all of your efforts will be forgotten. You'll die either way. Might as well be cheerful in the meantime.

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