Nobody cares. We all got sorrows.

At a farmers' market, I witnessed a taco vendor futilely try to sell a white mother on beef tongue, and thought, "This is why hockey will never be popular in America."

"You're not even gonna try some lengua?" I thought. "It's delicious!"

On paper, hockey is a sport that Americans should love. It's violent, it's chock-full of action…

Alas, it's also somewhat foreign – like sashimi.

I feel that the LGBT pride flag should be re-designed into something less…fabulous, something that would less re-inforce stereotype. At the same time, I love how brazen the rainbow is. It's literally flamebait.

40 Things That Will Make You Feel Old
Will an "article" like this work in 20 years? Growing up in an age of on-demand and ever-multiplying cultural options, how well will today's children collectively reminisce someday? What is the future of popular nostalgia?


3 thoughts on "Nobody cares. We all got sorrows."

  1. surge

    i can't believe my junior high both sold and allowed us to drink surge.

  2. For its launch, Surge representatives distributed free bottles of Surge at my high school.

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