Piledriver Waltz

Malick rented the entire neighborhood where they shot, and dressed it to resemble the 1950s. [source]

Evidently, in central Texas, you can rent an entire neighborhood – and implant a 65,000-pound tree.

TNT scripted series in development:

Untitled Mitch Albom Project – Set in a Detroit radio station, this drama follows a station manager who, against his wishes, returns home to try and breathe life into his struggling city.

He grudgingly tries to revive his hometown? What? And via a dying medium?

"Parker Lewis, Hulk Hogan's son and daughter, and Edgar Allan Poe IV."

Brooke Hogan plays "shark scientist Dr. Sandy Powers."

According to his IMDb page, Edgar Allan Poe IV has thrice been cast as Edgar Allan Poe.

Fall TV's Top Trends

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