Manifest Destiny

Earlier this year, a report by a UN body revealed that more Indians had mobile phones than enjoyed access to a toilet.

Only around a third of the population could regularly use proper sanitation.

Men and women alike are forced to defecate in public on scraps of land close to their homes, by railway sidings, on the edge of the road. [source]

The athletes' village for Delhi's Commonwealth Games is reportedly unfit for human habitation with "excrement in places it shouldn't be."

The Scottish delegation reportedly submitted a photograph of a dog defecating on a bed, and officials reportedly discovered that someone had defecated in the kitchen sink of one of the apartments.

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  1. Jay 23 Sep 10 at 06:47

    From what I can tell the quoted text is very, very true. I would say the ratio of mobile phones to toilets in India is not the 563:366 they state. I would put it closer to 10:1


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