Just Another Sucker on the Vine

I have one.

Why do Mexican gangsters cover their faces in tattoos?

If I was a gangster, I wouldn't want to be easily identified by la policía. If the idea is to look menacing, why not apply henna tattoos? In The Dark Knight, The Joker could not have passed for a cop and shot Gordon with his make-up on.

Face tats also, of course, drastically reduce job opportunities, because it's difficult to take people with facial tattoos seriously.1

an unwise investment

While I don't expect gangsters to ever pursue lawful employment, what if you want out someday?

—you die?

I've been suffering from gushing nosebleeds in my left nostril. The Internet recommends not blowing my nose, as doing so may rupture the alleged clot.

I'm also sick, and my cold has entered the runny nose stage.

So far, so good.

1. Unless they're armed gangsters, I suppose.

14 thoughts on "Just Another Sucker on the Vine"

  1. Hahahaaha hohohohohoheheheeee what a fcukin' loser!! I'm so cool I'll carve a jewish symbol and pass it off as satanic. Seriously-why are fcukin' retards like this alive?!?!

  2. "Satanist Star" would be an upside down pentacle/pentagram.

    To cover up your mistake just scratch a line through it. Then maybe people would think you were funny and not retarded.

  3. @Chucho Dude your more of a freak then what he is…common still hating Jews? Anyways you remind me of Marine comrade in boot-camp that got his ass kicked by all of us (mostly by me,and no I'm not Jewish)because he was picking on a Jewish enlisted kid…dude your the sucker and you fail in life.

  4. okay, too all of you out there, that kid has more balls than the lot of you combined, the forehead is a very painful place to tattoo, and it takes alot to go through with it, I have full tribal facial tattoos by the way, that resemble waves, which like me can both give and take life. All I have left to say is… Shut up you niggardly people… (Look it up if your not smart the word is etymologically unrelated to "nigger") Peace.

  5. Wow! What a weird dude! His mother must be proud! He's just looking for attention. Thats sad.

  6. Just so you know, That isn't the satanic star you cut into yourself. That's the Jewish star of David. Jewish believers in God use that star. The satanic star has 5 points with one pointing down. Just do a google search on "Star of David" and you will see the star you cut into yourself.

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