I got shot for my sneakers and came back as a bug

TNT delivered two boxes to the office today.

Odd, I thought. I wasn't expecting any shipments.

I opened one of the boxes and discovered a pair of briefs and–

My boss overnighted dirty laundry from Germany.

The Shirt strikes again, this time on The Big Bang Theory.

I wish Taco Bell would resume putting chopped scallions on Mexican Pizzas. The chain pulled scallions in 2003 because of a hepatitis scare and they never returned. Mexican Pizzas look so drab without scallions.

Obligatory comment on how Taco Bell food induces diarrhea.

If you ever need to extract information from me, force me to listen to Colin Meloy sing.

I caught a telly ad for Religulous set to Limp Bizkit's cover of "Faith." Not a good fit… Was the original unavailable?


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