The Winning Team is a stretch, I know, but…slim pickins for the Phillies and Dodgers. I almost used Mr. Baseball because the Dragons logo resembles the Dodgers logo.

Did you know that Air Bud played for the Angels?

The Angels have Buddy play first base in the world series and he is voted MVP of the year following the Angels winning the World Series. [source]

No pressure, Teixeira.

In development:
Air Bud: Aussie Rules
Space Buddies

Air Bud's pups in space — head asplode.

In Air Buddies, Molly is Buddy's girlfriend, which means Air Bud fathered five children out of wedlock.

But I digress.

The Cubs are my horse in this year's race, but I'll root for any team besides the Angels, because I HATE THE ANGELS.

The Angels…broke my heart, and I'm not the forgiving type.

Pol Pot > the Angels.

Red-Headed Boy Dances His Heart Out At Yankee Stadium

5 thoughts on "Spitballin'"

  1. I wont understand it ever. Playing 162 games of the most boring sport on earth just to have a record slightly above .500 and making the playoff's. Awesome. Sign me up. Seems legitimate that bench player should make more than the entire Tampa Bay Lightning roster, ya know… sitting there… earning their keep. Can't wait for this shit to end.

  2. As embarrassing as it is to admit that I know this, only Major League I and II were associated with the Indians. In Major League III, the franchise in question was the Twins.

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