9 thoughts on "Aiken Breakin' Hearts"

  1. My only reaction to the existence of ClayNation and the people who thought he's straight is, "I can't believe these people exist."

  2. I can't believe that I wasn't the only one who immediately googled an aiken forum and browsed the exact same thread to see reactions.

    "This is a gut wrenching day for The ClayNation. Somebody wake me up, I hope its a dream" ftw, imo

  3. but wait, there's more:

    "My sweet husband sent me flowers today because he knew that I am being bombarded by "I told you so" emails yesterday and today. He is my true love. I will continue to buy Clay's cd's, and go to concerts because I LOVE his music. Today's been hard for me but I will get over it."

    48 page thread? i think thats a record, no?

  4. In that woman's post where she references her husband buying her flowers, it's hard to tell whether she's referring to said husband or Clay Aiken when she writes "he is my true love."

  5. " I love Clay with all my heart and soul i support him 100 percent i am still a clayfan no matter what his sexuality is i am kinda shocked reading some of these post of what people are saying all i am saying is that if you where a true clay fan you would stand by him no matter what his sexuality is…….


    i don't think he wants you there, woman.

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