the blight of the common gutter punk as told through arrhythmic gyration

Now that I think about it, JBL IS kinda poopy.

Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt have an idea to bring in the Iron Sheik to [TNA Wrestling]. They are big fans of his and their idea is to have him be a rapper who would introduce Booker T. [source]

I can dig that.

Last Tuesday, the BBC debuted Britain's Missing Top Model, a reality competition [featuring] disabled people.

The eight models include a deaf make-up artist, a paraplegic art student

…and a one-legged hypoglycemic? [source]

Adam Robot informed me about a restaurant in his city that offers sandwiches that look like Fleshlights.

—they cook the bread in a can
—they pull the middle out and stuff all the goods in it
—then you can buy the "guts" in a bag, use for soup or with chili


Among the "clubfoot sandwich" selections:

Imitation crab, dill pickle and bacon bits? Head asplode.

It still probably tastes better than anything at Jimmy John's.

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  1. Cangrejero 08 Jul 08 at 08:34

    Does the crab trap use real bacon bits or bacon flavored bits? If the latter, it's completely vegetarian friendly. Oh, and gross.

  2. John Barleycorn 08 Jul 08 at 08:44

    That guy with the spraypaint has a HUGE ASS. He's like my black grandmother.

  3. Drew 08 Jul 08 at 14:28

    Does Jimmy John's suck? We have one here in Philly but I've never been. I always assumed it was on par with Potbelly.

  4. Bruno 08 Jul 08 at 15:57

    I like Jimmy John's.

  5. Jon 09 Jul 08 at 02:20

    Drew: If Potbelly is the Red Lobster of bocadillerias, then Jimmy John's is Lunchables.


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