The Sickness Unto Death

By now, I'm sure you've heard:

Shannon Doherty is currently in formal talks to reprise her role of Brenda Walsh on The CW's 90210 update. [source]

She will join Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling as double-dippers.

Idea: During sweeps, Kevin Smith seduces Brenda.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia season four news:

» The gang will perform an extreme home makeover on one of their neighbours, unbeknownst to the neighbours. It turns out the neighbours don't speak English.

» Green Man will re-appear in an episode where Dee is trying to make a viral video.

» There will be an episode about who pooped in the bed (either Charlie or Frank), which Rob also says is his favourite episode ever.

» There will be a Night Man musical episode called "The Night Man Cometh."

» Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty) will appear as himself and commit suicide.

September 18. Save the date.

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