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Chinese people consider the number four unlucky because phonetically it sounds like their word for death.

Welcome to the 4th dimension of flavor.

Taco Bell recently introduced a "new" quesadilla packed with four cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, pepper jack and…nacho cheese. It's truly disgusting. There's just too much cheese in one flimsy tortilla.

Hey Jon! What's it like to eat a Cheese Extreme Quesadilla?

Also, who thought nacho cheese would taste good in a quesadilla, or any of Taco Bell's established products for that matter? Has he or she tried the Nacho Cheese Chalupa? As in, tried swallowing it? Nacho cheese belongs on nachos. That's why it's called NACHO fuckin' CHEESE!

Pizza Hut once had a gimmick product that was basically a pizza on top of another pizza which they marketed as a pizza "with a hidden layer of cheese inside." Again, truly disgusting. I can barely stomach extra cheese on a pizza, let alone extra cheese IN a pizza.

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut are owned by the same company. What about a Nacho Cheese Pizza or a Stuffed Crust Mexican Pizza? Synergy…

You bring me closer to God.

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