adam riff™ brings the whuppin' to verizon

I found my dream job. If you're not watching wrestling right now, you're missing out. Anyway, a wedding weekend in Orange County means no update until Sunday night at the earliest, which sucks because I have all this belated timely material that I have to post even more belatedly now. Ad-Riff™ is not dead though. [pause] This is where I'm supposed to say "please don't unlink me," but I don't really care if you link me or not. Hell, why don't you steal my buttons and sidebar while you're at it? Fair use, right? Indeed… 07.29 I get internet and sometime after that, looks like I'm off to Connecticut, Michigan, and Washington.

everything you need to know to be an adam riff™ voyeur!
aim – rory hornblower
(650) 279-2317
10918 strathmore drive apt. 208 los angeles, ca 90024
07.31 – our lady peace @ house of blues sunset strip
08.02 – rufio, taking back sunday, brand new @ troubadour
08.03 – the master of disguise viewing party
08.04 – mc paul barman @ knitting factory hollywood
08.05 – onelinedrawing @ chain reaction
08.07 – jimmy fallon @ roxy
labor day weekend – bumbershoot festival @ seattle center

here's a sample of what's coming up sunday or monday soon!
I can't believe I'm saying this, but today, I sat alone at the bar at Hooters eating fried chicken and watching pay-per-view wrestling on a big screen television. All that was missing was Kid Rock music in the background.

It always seems to be hip hop month on MTV2.

I was at a gas station today when I saw two guys in a car trying to park and thought: wow, they look really gay. Lo and behold, their car pulls back and I see that the license plate on it reads MEN2MEN. MEN2MEN! Now I'm all for gay pride and whatnot, but that's not empowering; it's embarrassing! It's like me putting VIRGIN on my license plate and…uh…er…n-never mind.

I didn't know that Men in Black headquarters had a Burger King inside. How convenient. God forbid the agents forsake their identities AND those delicious BK back porch grillers.

I can't speak for the rest of America, but nowadays, it costs between $9 and $14 to see a movie in southern California. If time is money, then I guess movie ticket price hikes went to pay for more commercials ("pre-show entertainment") to waste my time. Okay. Whatever. I'll pay for the commercials if it means I can be half an hour late and still catch a movie in its entirety. However, I never agreed to subsidize commercials IN my movies.

Will Smith saves the world with a PlayStation controller (after saving the world with an Apple computer in Independence Day)? A Dr. Pepper can stands alone in Tobey Maguire's room? Tom Cruise shops at the Gap? Hey Hollywood, could you be a little more indiscreet? In the words of the Taco-Bell-eating Pepsi-drinking Motorola-using anachronistic swinger Austin Powers: that's not a movie, baby; it's an egregious "fuck you" to real artists everywhere. Yeah!

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