98 bottles of beer on the wall

Let's look at the cast of the Turkish adaptation of The Sopranos!

Melfi, AJ, Meadow, Tony, Carmela, Janice?, Junior, Christopher

Interesting that its producers cast actors who resemble the American cast.

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Idea: A supercut of Colombian Walter Jr. reaction shots (0:27, 4:49).

You owe me a life

A play on a 13-year-old Nelly song was the winning ad campaign? Which agency conceived it? Cool Dads and Partners?

Is General Mills trying to make Honey Nut Cheerios the Sprite of cereals – the Sprite to plain Cheerios' Coca-Cola? Or did it just really love the slogan "must be the honey"?

All I see in Capital One's current ad is Alec Baldwin's chest hair.

Manifest destiny.

0:16 – Why does this dude leisurely swinging on a swing in his living room only have one second to talk? Where is he rushing off to in sandals?

I'm lower than the dirt with no roots left to find

They couldn't get all the Workaholics? I know Anders is on The Mindy Project, but the fuck is Blake doing that he can't go on a cruise?

My edits:
Nathan For You is Kendrick Lamar.
Freaks and Geeks is Tupac.
Chappelle's Show is Biggie.

Seems like he gets off on being a Dick, because otherwise, wouldn't you go by Rich, or Rick, or your middle name – Riley Fain?

Animal Farm

Where to begin?

Ted Allen on The Alton Browncast:

There was a pilot made for Chopped that never aired – I have a copy of it – in which the concept was very different. The original Chopped was set in a mansion. The host of the show was the butler of the mansion, in a tuxedo. The host would hold a chihuahua. The contestants would pull up in limousines. And, each course, when somebody was chopped, their food was fed to the chihuahua.

Still spell America with the triple K

Starting in September, visitors to Universal Studios Florida will step into the "Cabin in the Woods."

Halloween Horror Nights creative director Mike Aiello describes the flow of the haunted house maze experience as a "chronological retelling of the film from beginning to relative end – minus the gods destroying the Earth." [source]

Alas, the elevator ride is static.


I have watched this outtake from The Master on repeat for the past five minutes and the magic of the first viewing has not diminished. Everything about it is perfect – Philip Seymour Hoffman's reaction, Joaquin attempting to stifle (or should I say quell?) his own laughter and mostly succeeding. Farts are great, you guys. [source]