Tell My Mother I Love Her

// New Orleans, LA

The woman beside me is eating the innards of a po-boy with a fork, its bread untouched.

Why even come to a po-boy shop? New Orleans doesn't lack for places that fry oysters.

I realized why the French Quarter bothers me – all the closed exterior shutters. I like seeing windows.

Oh, you can't bury anyone underground in New Orleans?

How can you bury more than one family member in each vault? How can a tomb hold all of those coffins?

According to a local ordinance, as long as the previously deceased family member has been dead for at least two years, the remains of that person can be moved to a specially made burial bag and placed at the side or back of the vault. The coffin is then destroyed, and the vault is now ready for a newly deceased family member.

Aging out of a coffin.

What happens if a family member dies within that two-year period? Generally, local cemeteries are equipped with temporary holding vaults, and the newly deceased family member is moved into his or her final resting place when two years have elapsed. [source]

What happens if multiple family members die within that two-year period?

Stephanie dies one day after DJ dies. Michelle dies one year and 364 days after Stephanie dies. Does Stephanie go straight to bag?

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