Pleasure Suck

I wait a day to post this and Khaled drops out. [grumbling]

Shawn Marion and Cedric Ceballos are a team on the next Amazing Race?

And they're racing against Joey Chestnut and Eater X?!

Wikipedia » Tim Janus:

On November 21, 2007, Janus helped draw attention to the plight of New York City's homeless by consuming a Thanksgiving meal for four, including a 10-pound turkey, four pounds of mashed potatoes, three pounds of cranberry sauce, 2½ pounds of beans, and a pumpkin pie.

On August 28, 2013, Deadspin released a video of Janus' attempt to become, in his words, "the first person in the history of the world to get legally drunk (.08) on" non-alcoholic beer. In the video, Janus drinks 28 cans and bottles of various non-alcoholic beers and then blows into a breathalyzer. A .02 reading is recorded, leading Janus to conclude that if he can't get drunk on O'Doul's, nobody can.

Where is Patrick O'Bryant now?

Wikipedia » Patrick O'Bryant:

In November 2013, O'Bryant signed with Taiwan Beer of the Super Basketball League. On April 24, 2016, O'Bryant won the Final's MVP award while playing for Taiwan Beer.

Taiwan Beer?

Wikipedia » Taiwan Beer (basketball):

The Taiwan Beer Basketball Team is a semi-professional basketball team in the Super Basketball League (SBL) in Taiwan sponsored by the Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation (TTL).

Before the privatization of the sponsoring corporation in 1999, the team was named "Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau Golden Dragons."

Why is there no Taiwan Beer (basketball) merch?!

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