Is our children learning?

Two days ago at the boy and girl's school:

Fart Squad?

Something fishy is going on in Buttzville. And it's up to Darren and his three farting friends to combine their potty powers to get to the bottom of this evil plot—before it's too late. With their scent-sei, Janitor Stan, at their side, the Fart Squad has to learn to harness the powers between their butt cheeks. [source]


—Oh, it's a series!

Fart Squad #6: Blast from the Past
The Fart Squad must travel back in time to rescue the Golden Scratcher before Harry Buttz can get his hands on it—and leave the world in an itchy mess.

One day ago on the internet:

The Butt Detective?

—Popular children's book series in Japan…

The Butt Detective behaves like a perfect English gentleman, except that his face looks like a butt, and he blows farts from his face! [source]

Each title begins with the phrase 'Pu pu!' which means 'Fart fart!'

Titles in the series include 'Fart, Fart! The Riddle of The Disappearing Lunch Box' and 'Fart, Fart! The Little Police Chief's Big Problem.'

Today in cinemas:

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie opens.

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