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Previously on Adam Riff™ (August 2011):
Fantasy MLB Commissioner

» To cut down on marathon regular season games, every two extra innings, managers must remove one fielder, any position, from the game.

» From the 18th inning on, every half-inning begins with a runner or runners already on base.

Ben: oh STOP IT
Ben: just STOP IT
Ben: you are making the xfl
Jon: you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling

February 2017:

Before I could text that link to Ben followed by a Joker face, he texted it to me followed by

Ben: This is your fucking fault somehow. It's like they googled "bad ideas to speed up baseball games"

"I'm not saying pay every guy $200 grand a year, but pay him a living wage year-round – something in the $40-60,000 a year range, where I can have a family and not have to worry every second about the bills that we have."


Of the 455,300 high school baseball players in America, only 5.6 percent wind up playing on a collegiate team. Of that 5 percent, only 10 percent are drafted by an MLB team. And of all minor leaguers, only 10 percent will ever make it to the show. All of which means the odds of making an MLB roster are long.

All of which means XLB is viable. Decent players are plentiful. Just offer them a living wage to forgo an MLB dream or a non-baseball job.

Ben: This is a TERRIBLE IDEA
Ben: SAD!

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