By the way, you do things to my body

Idea: The Price Is Right: Music Edition

Contestants' Row: The contestant whose rating is closest to the actual Pitchfork rating of an album without going over advances.

To win Plinko chips: One tour, four cities. Was the average resale ticket price for this tour's stop in this city higher or lower than the price listed?

Hole in One: Order six items from a musical artist's tour rider from least to most expensive.

Cliff Hangers: Three albums. How long is each album, in minutes, rounded up? For every minute you're off, the climber goes up one.

One Away: Five singles by one musical artist, five numbers that are one away from where each single peaked on the Billboard Hot 100.

Range Game: The range is the tracklist for an album. The range finder is three songs. We surveyed 1000 fans of this album. Stop the range finder where most people answered is this album's best three-song stretch.

The Showcase: Name the cost of one of two music videos.

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