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Previously on Adam Riff™ (Sep 2014):

I have never seen it, but Training Day seems like an odd film for marketers to keep referencing.

over a decade of training day references

I like how End of Watch is deemed worthy enough to be referenced, but not so much that it can't just say "from the writer and director of End of Watch."

Antoine Fuqua has since become the director of Training Day and The Equalizer. You know, that cultural touchstone THE EQUALIZER.

The trailer for Allied bills Robert Zemeckis as "director of Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Flight."

The trailer for The Walk, Zemeckis' previous film, also bills him as "director of Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Flight."

Forrest Gump and Cast Away I get, but Flight?

Evidently, Denzel is the Trump of cinema.

Q: How do you market a film by someone who hasn't done anything in 16 years?

A: List his oeuvre.

If Warren Beatty can be billed as the filmmaker of Bonnie and Clyde – a 49-YEAR-OLD film – then surely Robert Zemeckis can be billed as the director of Back to the Future.

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  1. Russell 16 Nov 16 at 04:07

    Arthur Penn, Hal Ashby, Barry Levinson, and Buck Henry (to an extent) would take issue with a few of those filmmaker "credits" awarded to Beatty.


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