Date Archives October 2016

Liquid Dreams

Nerf Herder frontman Parry Gripp is 62 years old My neighbour has this inflatable R2-D2 Halloween decoration on his front lawn, and…I don't get it. What does R2-D2 have to do with Halloween? R2-D2 isn't even "holding" the jack-o'-lantern! The jack-o'-lantern is just in front…

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My Man Mad Now

'A Stray': Film Review Barkhad Abdirahman ('Captain Phillips') plays a Somali immigrant who wanders the streets of Minneapolis trying to rid himself of a canine sidekick. Is Barkhad Abdi now going by his full name à la Papa Roach's Coby Dick/Jacoby Shaddix? No. Barkhad Abdi…

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Devil's Night

INT. ADAM RIFF™ HEADQUARTERS – AFTERNOON Rory: Look what I got for our Halloween party: The Moscow Mule-flavoured chips! Rory: And to dip them in… Margarita-flavoured guacamole! Jon: Pair with avocado margaritas and Moscow Mules made with a potato vodka. Jon: I want some Robbie…

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