All the things that I've done

Ron Perlman, Ian McShane, and Michael Shannon in the same film!

Rory: Is Tom Hardy the biggest film star who also does television?

Jon: Hmm…
Jon: Benedict Cumberbatch?
Jon: No, Benedict Cumberbatch is a bigger television star than Tom Hardy, but not a bigger film star. At least, not yet.

Jon: Melissa McCarthy?

Jon: Oh! Bradley Cooper.
Jon: According to Box Office Mojo, Bradley Cooper's filmography has outgrossed Tom Hardy's by over one-and-a-half billion dollars.
Rory: How much of that is Guardians of the Galaxy, though – a film in which he does not appear?

Adam Robot: Daniel Craig is doing a 20-episode limited series for Showtime. There's your answer.
Adam Robot: No one else named has been a top five iconic film character.

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