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Adam Riff™ Clip of the Week

4. Baskets Career College (Baskets, S01E01) Honourable Mention Tina singing basic Spanish (Bob's Burgers, S06E06) Charlie sex (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, S11E03) Drive-through (Baskets, S01E01) Stray Observations (Shameless, S06E02) (Grandfathered, S01E12) (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E12) "Kase!" (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, S03E12) Richard Schiff (The Grinder, S01E11) "Seems…

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I Feel So

Jon: My New Year's resolution is to read more books. Any recommendations? Kurt: Poet Anderson…Of Nightmares follows the epic journey of two orphan brothers, Jonas and Alan, who are Lucid Dreamers. After a tragic car accident lands Alan in a coma, Jonas sets out into…

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