Grosse Ile

Would you rather just miss a bus on a Sunday, or have your genitals mutilated?

You know how on some airplanes, you can send text messages from your seat to other seats? Idea: A car-to-car chat platform. Instead of honking or flipping the bird, send (dictate) a text message.

Idea: A Showcase Showdown wheel Easter egg for iOS' default alarm clock app.

Things I dream about: Gorbachav, a chav with a port-wine stain on his forehead.

How is there no Thai restaurant in Tuscaloosa named "Crimson Thai"?

as seen on eBay

Graphic Novel Title Idea: Church and Stake. A frosty deacon vs. Deacon Frost?

If you watch Cosmos and then you watch Man of Steel — Neil before Zod.

If you watch Marathon Man and then you watch Labyrinth — David after dentist.

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