Dumb Tim Hortons

Attention seeking in the 21st century:

Idea: A series of pornographic short films in which she lives out her tweets with celebrity impersonators.

Episode 1: "Cristiano Ronaldo" makes her cum.
Episode 6: "Drake Bell," "Vanilla Ice," and "Justin Bieber" triple stuff her.
Series Finale: "Eminem."

Idea: Filter comments on the Internet by age of commenter. "Show only comments by people [over] age [30]."

Reality Show Idea: Yelp House. 12 Yelp Elite live together and perform various food/service-oriented challenges, after which they critique each other's performances, and the person with the lowest number of stars is evicted. The 10 evictees return to judge the final challenge. The prize is a trip around the world with meals at restaurants that are almost impossible to get into.

Restaurant Name Idea: "Grand Opening." And don't invest in proper signage. Permanent banner outside.

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