Semper Ubi Sub Ubi

B: Hey, can you pick up Max and Sophie today?
Jon: Sure. Huff?
B: No.
Jon: Seems like you enroll them in a different school each year.
B: In the JCC – Helios School for Gifted Children.
Jon: Heh. Your kids are mutants?

Jon: Yecch-men.
B: Stop.

Jon: What do you call this shape?

Chris: A triangle.
Jon: Its hypotenuse is curved, though.
Chris: A concave right triangle.
Jon: Don't the sides of a triangle have to be straight lines?
Chris: The name "triangle" suggests that having three angles is more important.
Jon: Well, that triangle's three angles don't add up to 180°.

Jon: What do you call this shape?

Chris: Uhh… An arcangle?
Jon: Heh. That shape is a mutant?

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