Jon: Has Sesame Street done a Wolf of Wall Street parody yet?

Jon: The Wolf of Elm Street. He appears when you ingest quaaludes.

Jon: The Wolf of Fascination Street.

Jon: The Wolf of Mango Street.
Chad: I don't get it.
Jon: You never read The House on Mango Street in school?
Chad: No.
Jon: I remember reading it twice.

B: You're overlooking the most obvious one.
Jon: Oh?
B: The Wolf of Jump Street. Donnie Azoff is an undercover cop.

I edited the falling scenes in Lone Survivor into one long falling scene:

If it looks like Lone Survivor's falling scenes hurt for real, that's because they did: "Oh, [the stuntmen] went for it. Broken ribs, punctured lungs, concussions," said Berg. [source]

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