Gin Rickey

Apple and Google are currently running similar telly adverts for iPad Air and Google Play, respectively.

On a lark, I swapped the two adverts' narrations.

Google Play video + iPad Air audio mesh pretty well.

iPad Air video + Google Play audio is less harmonious. 0:24 ("bands have heart") and 0:48 ("it wants break-up songs"), however, are bullseye matches. And the last 10 seconds!

I also input both adverts into YouTube Doubler.

0:24 – both singing at concerts

1:01 – both underwater with fishes

1:19 – arms outstretched

One thought on "Gin Rickey"

  1. Haha nice. Leo Laporte freaked out over the iPad ad. "NOOO DONT TAKE PICTURES WITH YOUR IPAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?"

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