Adam Riff™ Clips of the Year

To recap:
1. The Eric Andre New Year's Eve Spooktacular
2. Bob's Burgers
3. Utopia
4. Modern Family
5. Utopia
6. Parks and Recreation
7. Banshee
8. The Jeselnik Offensive
9. Shameless
10. Nathan For You
11. The Ben Show
12. Justified
13. Loiter Squad
14. WWE Raw
15. Nathan For You
16. Game of Thrones
17. Game of Thrones
18. Hannibal
19. The Office
20. The Office
21. Mad Men
22. Arrested Development
23. Game of Thrones
24. Vice
25. WWE Raw
26. Mad Men
27. Total Blackout
28. Sharknado
29. Ray Donovan
30. Ray Donovan
31. The Killing
32. Childrens Hospital
33. Breaking Bad
34. The Bridge
35. Breaking Bad / Southcliffe
36. Futurama
37. Dexter
38. Bad Education
39. The League
40. Survivor
41. Eastbound and Down
42. American Horror Story
43. American Horror Story
44. The Eric Andre Show
45. Sons of Anarchy
46. The Eric Andre Show
47. Eastbound and Down
48. Boardwalk Empire
49. The Eric Andre Show
50. American Horror Story
51. Key and Peele

And finally, from our Television Episode of the Year:

52. ??? (Black Mirror, S02E02)

Adam Riff™ Television Episodes of the Year
1. "White Bear" (Black Mirror, S02E02)
2. "The Claw of Shame" (Nathan For You, S01E07)
3. "The Ghost Is Seen" (Enlightened, S02E05)
4. "Scott Porter; Brutus 'The Barber' Beefcake" (The Eric Andre Show, S02E10)
5. "The Hermit Kingdom" (Vice, S01E10)

Looking ahead:

Archer vs. Raw during WrestleMania season! And not just any Archer

Season 5 of Archer sends the cast on the lam, attempting to sell drugs after the government shuts down ISIS. [source]


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