Old Chokes

I think television shows nowadays need to be on Netflix if they wish to be relevant, particularly among young people.

I think a show like Veep would benefit mightily if it wasn't exclusive to HBO GO.

If Netflix is Xbox One, then HBO GO is Wii U.

Fox-produced FX shows are on Netflix, but Sony-produced Justified, which airs on FX, is not.

Earlier this year, Sony sold exclusive USA streaming rights for Justified to Amazon.

How annoyed is FX at Sony? Justified could multiply its audience via Netflix like Sony-produced Breaking Bad, but is instead stuck adding via Amazon.

If Netflix is ESPN, then Sony is Gary Bettman.

NBCUniversal, Fox, and Disney-ABC jointly own Hulu.

I suppose if Netflix will pay to license shows you produce, why not, right? Dual revenue streams in the streaming sector.

If Netflix is iOS, then Hulu is Google.

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