Dave Lozo just joined Google+

Homecomings when you don't use Facebook:

Daddy: Your cousin Wayne is getting married next May in Taipei, and your cousin Emily is getting married next June in Atlanta. Can you attend their weddings?
Jon: Sure…

Jon: Why is Winston at home?
Daddy: He quit his job.
Jon: In this economy?

Jon: Why are B's kids here?
Mommy: She got a job.
Jon: Are they strapped for cash?

Jon: He opened a candy store? In Sacramento?

I have to attend an unnecessary business lunch today, and the middle-aged white people I'm meeting chose a Chinese restaurant. I'm not sure if it's because they like dim sum, or if it's because I'm Asian.

John Krokidas has been set to helm Standard Loneliness Package, based on a Charles Yu short story.

Pic is set in the near future, where a recent college graduate gets an entry-level job at a tech company where he's paid to experience painful events in other people's lives. He falls desperately in love with his boss, and tries to build a genuine relationship in a society that's becoming entirely virtual. [source]

I am all in on this film.

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